21/10/2016 3:44 PM IST | Updated 21/10/2016 4:17 PM IST

Sprinkling Cow Urine Helps Keep Dracula At Bay: Gujarat Gauseva Board

Satan too.

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After recommending a mixture of cow dung and urine for attaining the beauty of Egyptian pharaoh Cleopatra, the Gujarat Gauseva and Gauchar Vikas Board has now said that sprinkling cow urine also helps to ward off "evil forces like Dracula and Satan."

An advisory issued by the Gujarat cow board said, "Cow urine can keep ghosts at bay," The Times of India reported today.

"Lord Shankar is the god of all ghosts and the Ganga lives in his hair. Nandi (the holy bull) is a vehicle of Lord Shankar," the advisory said, as cited by TOI. "Cow urine contains the Ganga. Ghosts run away from cow urine because Nandi was the son of Gau Mata or mother cow."

"Modern science does not accept the existence of ghosts, but various civilizations accept the existence of ghosts, vampires, evil forces and witches. Western Christian civilization accepts the existence of Dracula. Many films were made on it. Islamic beliefs accept the existence of Satan," it said.

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