21/10/2016 9:52 PM IST | Updated 21/10/2016 11:02 PM IST

Bob Dylan Removes The Ever-So-Slight Mention Of Nobel Literature Prize From His Website

“Having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition."


Singer and songwriter Bob Dylan has been behaving rather strangely since he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, last week. Not only has the 75-year-old singer not met with the Nobel Prize judges, who have been trying to reach him, he has now deleted the slight acknowledgment of the prize from his website.

The Guardian had previously reported that five days after winning the prize, there was an update on his website: "winner of the Nobel prize in literature" had been added to a page promoting a new book of his lyrics.

Earlier today, The Guardian reported that even that slight acknowledgement had been removed from his website.

It remains unclear whether Dylan will attend the Nobel ceremony in Stockholm on Dec. 10. Dylan was recognised for "having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition," but the Nobel Prize committee's decision has divided public opinion, with many arguing that the award should have gone to one of several deserving novelists. Only two people - Boris Pasternak and Jean-Paul Sartre - have turned down the Nobel Prize in Literature.

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