19/10/2016 2:58 PM IST | Updated 19/10/2016 6:13 PM IST

Why This 'Hero' Mumbai Cabbie Is Getting A Lot Of Social Media Love

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Humans of Bombay/ Facebook

Not all superheroes wear capes. A Mumbai cab driver just proved that.

On Monday, "Humans of Bombay" shared a story of a Mumbai cab driver who once saved a young woman, being chased by some drunk men.

This happened a few years ago.

"At around 12:30 am one night, I noticed a young girl, not over 25 walking from the bus stop, possibly towards her home."

He narrated the living nightmare she was going through.

"It was one of those dingy lanes where there aren't a lot of people. I noticed her because she looked very anxious and when I looked behind her I saw these 2-3 drunk fellows whistling, and calling her names," he narrated.

He said the drunk men then started chasing her, while he was still across the street.

"I decided to start honking continuously. The noise created enough alarm because they were startled and immediately ran away in the other direction," he said.

His quick action avoided the potential crime. The young girl wept and thanked him with a tin of rasgullas.

Soon after the post was shared on Facebook, people started lauding him.

Humans of Bombay/ Facebook
Humans of Bombay/ Facebook

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