19/10/2016 1:20 PM IST | Updated 19/10/2016 1:43 PM IST

The Good Looking Chaiwala From The Other Side Of The Border Is Now A Model

Now, fashion wala.

Jiah Ali/ Instagram

Four days ago, Pakistani photographer Jiah Ali was on a photo walk in an Islamabad market when she came across a guy selling tea in a corner. She posted his picture on her Instagram which instantly went viral. The photo on her Instagram has 10.6k likes now.

His blue eyes and his piercing gaze won millions of hearts and he became an Internet sensation overnight.

Jiah Ali/ Facebook
Jiah Ali/ Facebook
Jiah Ali/ Facebook
Jiah Ali/ Facebook
Jiah Ali/ Facebook

The photographer went back to meet him and discovered that his name is Arshad Khan and he is 18 years old. His family has been living in Pakistan for the past 25 years.

Ali posted a status on Facebook where she said that he would love to accept modelling and acting offers. He also thanked everyone for his newfound fame. Her status read:

Hi guys, so yes I finally managed to meet Arshad Khan today :D

Yes he knows about his overnight fame and hes very happy about it!

Arshad is from Mardan, hes 18 years old, his family has been living in Islamabad since 25 years, previously he was a fruit seller at the same sunday market but since 3 months he started working at the tea stall. He would love to accept modelling/acting offers, He found out today about his fame (hes a very shy guy), Message for his fans: Shukria aap sab ka.

People have been asking his reaction, hes very confused right now as hes suddenly overwhelmed with all the attention, hes confused scared and happy all at the same time.

P.s: He doesn't mind being called ''chai wala'', and yes he is getting alot of offers!

And looks like his wishes are coming true.

An online retailer, Fitin.pk in Islamabad has signed him as a model. They uploaded a couple of pictures with Arshad Khan with the caption "Chai wala no more chai wala he is fashion wala now."

Jiah Ali mentioned to Geo News that he is now being compared to stars like Fawad Khan.