19/10/2016 11:20 AM IST | Updated 20/10/2016 10:32 AM IST

Sania Mirza Returns Sanjay Manjrekar's Twitter Lob With A Volley

Serves him right. (geddddit?)

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Ace tennis player Sania Mirza is celebrating her 80th consecutive week of being the number one woman doubles player in the world.


Along with her partner Martina Hingis, Mirza remained unbeaten in 41 consecutive tournament games, her winning streak ending in Doha in February this year.

Mirza took to Twitter to share her joy with fans and friends, mentioning her incredibly fulfilling journey as a sportsperson.

She wrote, "Today I complete 80 consecutive weeks as the number 1 player in d world👆its been an amazing journey and just inspires me to work harder @WTA "

Many congratulated the champ on her achievement.

Just what could possibly go wrong in this scenario? Nothing, right? Think again. Former Indian cricketer turned commentator Sanjay Manjrekar felt the need to 'correct' Mirza's tweet.

He posted, "No 1 doubles player you mean. Congrats!"

Sanjay Manjrekar/ Twitter

For obvious reasons, Manjrekar's qualification didn't go well with the tennis champ and she gave Manjrekar major burns, saying, "Since I don't play singles anymore isn't that obvious/common sense?my bad,common sense is not that common after all I guess.. :)"

Sania Mirza/ Twitter

She thanked the commentator because she's a true champ, isn't she?

Sania Mirza/ Twitter

The exchange of tweets continued.

Sanjay Manjrekar/ Twitter

Her groundstrokes are strong off the field too.

Sania Mirza/ Twitter

She's out of here.

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