18/10/2016 4:43 PM IST | Updated 19/10/2016 10:59 AM IST

These Apps Actually Take Advantage Of New iPhone7 Features

They bit the Apple.


The newest device in Apple's iconic line of smartphones, iPhone 7, was launched last month with many significant hardware and software changes. Keeping up with these modifications, developers have released many new apps that take full advantage of the new iPhone's features, such as a better tactile engine and a wider range of colours on the phone's display.

1. Instagram

Before you say 'Duh!' read this a bit further. iPhone 7 takes great photos in most conditions with a wider colour range. Now, photos taken in a wider colour range need an app that can display these colours. Instagram is the first app to cater to the new iPhone display's enhanced colours.

2. Noise

Love music and tinkering with it? This app from the famous Roli keyboard gives you a set of keys, commands, and instruments to play with lots of sounds. Now, the best thing about this app is that it leverages both the iPhone's so-called Taptic engine and the dual stereo speakers. You can feel the surround-sound effect while playing the keys.

3. Lightroom

A great camera needs a great editing software to complement it. Lightroom from Adobe provides a lot of room and tools to photo enthusiasts to edit the images taken with the iPhone 7 and the iPhone7 Plus camera. The app supports the editing of raw photos as well, so you can adjust the new Bokeh effect offered by Apple.

4. Kitchen Stories

Kitchen Stories is a basic yet clean app for discovering the world of food. You can search for recipes from the search bar or explore categories. The app has brilliantly implemented 3D touch -- a press will give you access to your recipes, shopping list, the recipe of the day and more.


5. FIFA 2017

This might not be the best game to play on the mobile platform but it gives you a great experience. It uses the colours on the screen well, along with the sound effects. The app seems to have put Apple's new A10 chip's properties to good use.

6.OLA cabs

Ola is one of the most used cab apps in India. Recently, the company implemented Siri integration. So, users can now call a cab by asking Siri to book an OLA cab by using the newly open-for-developer Siri App. The app supports Apple Watch also.

7. Auxy Studios

This is another fun audio app in the offering. It lets you create various loops using tiles on the screen through drum or synth. The speaker and the haptic feedback effect on this is a pleasant thing to experience. You can create multiple loops and arrange it into a track as well.

Tell us what are your favorite apps for iPhone 7 and iPhone7 Plus are.