18/10/2016 4:29 PM IST | Updated 18/10/2016 8:49 PM IST

Indian Employees Spend More Than 32% Of Their Time On Social Media During Work Hours: Survey

It's resulting in a 13 percent loss in total productivity.

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Social media usage is resulting in a 13 percent loss of total productivity.

While the boom of social media has been a blessing, it seems to be a curse when it comes to workplace productivity. According to a study by TeamLease, a human resource service company, employees spend more than 32 percent of their time on social media every day for personal work.

The 'TeamLease World of Work Report' notes that employees spent an average of 2.35 hours accessing social media at work every day. This results in a 13 percent loss of total productivity, it said.

According to the report, Facebook is the most visited social media platform. Out of the 62 per cent employees who accessed social media during working hours, nearly 83 per cent of them spend significant time browsing Facebook.


"Indulgence in social media and the resultant slacking is a testimony of pastimes getting more interesting than work," said Kunal Sen, Senior Vice President, TeamLease Services.

Sen says that organizations should get to the root cause of the misuse and "devise policies that make work more challenging and the work culture more aspirational."


The report also notes that the extensive usage of social media by employees has resulted in an "increase in loss of confidential information, defamation, misinformation and employee solicitation."

The Vice President of a biomedical firm told TeamLease that once she had to intervene and bring her employees under control after one of them sent a message against a popular political leader on the team WhatsApp group. "In a matter of minutes they accosted him in the pantry and, luckily, I was around and could intervene to bring the noisy situation in control," she said.

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