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WATCH: A Hindu American Group Staged A 'Jihad' Dance To Support Donald Trump

This is why tradition forbade Hindus from leaving Indian shores.

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The Republican Hindu Coalition in New Jersey almost broke the Internet after it organised a charity event that was part political rally and part showbiz -- all to make Donald Trump the next president of the United States.

Too many bizarre things happened at the event. Not least, fliers showing a horned Sonia Gandhi and Hillary Clinton as devil incarnates out to frame Narendra Modi were handed out to attendees.

Trump declared that he is a big fan of "Hindu". Then, displaying an uneven grasp of sub-continental geography, he added, "For all of the people in Mumbai, the attack on the parliament was outrageous and terrible."

But, the event that trumped all the other bizarre-ness was a dance performance.

It featured two pairs of dancers being attacked by 'jihadists' with Star Wars light sabres. The hapless dancers were finally saved, by men of the US Armed Forces no less.

The performance started with a slow waltz, with the US flag as a backdrop. Suddenly, two men sporting black shades and green robes with hoods that covered their faces came on the stage brandishing light sabres and rounded up the poor dancers like so much cattle. Vaguely Arabic sounding chants and evil laughter erupted from the speakers. Then, six uniformed army men rescued the dancers and killed off the two terrorists.

Watch it here:

All ten performers then stood up for the American national anthem.

The music then switched to Bruce Springsteen's rock anthem "Born in the USA" as performers danced energetically with American flags.

The Republican Hindu Coalition was formed in 2015 by Shalabh Kumar, a Chicago-based businessman with deep ties to the Republican Party. The outfit's goal is to increase the clout of Hindus in the Republican Party.

You can watch Trump's entire speech at the event here:

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