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Bhopal Artist Shuchi Muley Is Painting Scenes For Van Gogh Film 'Loving Vincent'

Following her dreams.

Courtesy Shuchi Muley
Shuchi Muley painting frames for 'Loving Vincent'.

A 34-year-old artist from Bhopal is one of the 107 artists who are painting scenes for the film on Van Gogh Loving Vincent. Shuchi Muley, a computer programmer-turned-painter, is now in the Polish city of Gdańsk, painting and animating hundreds of scenes from the movie, reported The Times of India. Muley and the other artists are painting about 62,450 frames in oil on over 1,000 canvases, according to the film's description. Each scene, shot with actors, has several frames which are being painted to give it a dreamy, flip-book feel in the style of the post-Impressionist painter.

"Each of us brings our own style to the table, but we have been trained in the distinctive Van Gogh genre," she told TOI. "The atmosphere here is tense as we are approaching the deadline."

Courtesy Shuchi Muley

Each scene, which has multiple frames, can take anything between a week and three months to create. One of Muley's favourite scenes so far has been one with references from Van Gogh's famous "Wheatfields with crows" painting. "It is such a beautiful painting with amazing brushwork," Muley told HuffPost India over email. "I just love it!"

She is expected to be back in India on 23 October, and she's excited to spend time with her family, who she hasn't seen in a long time. "I miss them all so much," she told HuffPost India. "After that I will showcase some of my works and maybe do a workshop to share my knowledge."

Courtesy Shuchi Muley

Muley told TOI that she applied for the job after she saw the Loving Vincent trailer on Facebook, which went viral after its release. She reportedly underwent a three-day test in Gdańsk in June, after which she was trained for two weeks.

She was trained to be a computer programmer, but quit her job in San Francisco as a software engineer in 2014 to pursue her passion for art.

The biopic, slated to be the first fully painted animated film, is directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman. The creators has already spent four years developing the technique, and actual actors have been filmed on scenes that look like Van Gogh's paintings. These are then combined with computer animation, and later given to painting animators who paint each frame of the shot in the style of Vincent Van Gogh.

Courtesy Shuchi Muley
Shuchi's workstation in Poland.

You can follow Muley's art on Facebook here and Instagram here.

Watch how each scene from the film is painted below.

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