Auto Guy Hands Actress ₹100 In Monopoly Money, Drives Off Into Sunset

Not the best example of Gandhigiri.

Every time someone hands us a ₹500 or a ₹1,000 note, we spend a good amount of time making sure it is legit and not counterfeit.

But we do not bother with the ₹100 note because, really, why would anyone take the trouble to fake a hundred buck note. It just doesn't have that value anymore.

On Sunday, in a hilarious incident, Mumbai-based actress Megha Chakraborty posted a picture of a 'Monopoly' note that she unknowingly accepted from an auto-rickshaw driver.

Needless to say, the picture has gone viral with more than 10k likes and over 1600 shares on Facebook.

This is the 100 note she received.

She wrote, "Last night at 1am I got fooled by a autowala in Mumbai sala kamina.... 'children bank of India' SERIOUSLY."

The 'Monopoly' note has plenty of easy giveaways such as:

1. Children Bank of India.

2. One Hundred Coupon.

3. I promise to play with the coupon hundred.

4. Santa Claus -- the governor.

And just in case you're wondering what a real ₹100 note looks like...

*furiously checks ₹5, ₹10, ₹20, ₹50 notes*

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