17/10/2016 8:37 AM IST | Updated 17/10/2016 9:19 AM IST

Goa-Based Perfumer Monika Ghurde's Killer Doesn't Want His Family To Know His Crime

Rajkumar Singh, a resident of Punjab, was arrested from Bengaluru.


Rajkumar Singh, the 21-year-old security guard held for allegedly assaulting and murdering Goa-based perfumer Monika Ghurde, has requested the police to not reveal his crime to his family in Punjab, The Times of India reported.

"Whatever happens, I am ready to face everything. But please ensure that my family members do not get to know what I have done. It will only create more problems for them," he has said, according to a video footage of his confession accessed by ToI.

Singh, who believes he was dismissed from his job as a security guard at the building where Ghurde lived after she complained about him, narrated the sequence of events that led to her murder.

At 6.35 pm on 5 October, he had knocked on her door and introduced himself as the company supervisor to get access to her apartment. When she opened the door, he threatened her with a knife. As she tried to scream, he stifled her and dragged her semi-conscious body to the bathroom, before taking her to the bed.

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In the course of the hours he spent at her home, Singh shaved, showered, wore her brother's clothes, cooked some eggs and ate them. He said Ghurde handed over her ATM card to him and explained the process of withdrawing cash with it. She tried to make peace with him by offering money, chocolates, even a job — of a security guard, body guard or driver — but Singh couldn't be swayed. He also assaulted her, captured the act on her cell phone and threatened to upload it on YouTube to blackmail her, if she went to the police.

He claimed Ghurde had picked up his knife while he was trying to release her, leading him to smother her, tie her hands to the bed and flee. Ghurde was discovered dead in that state by a neighbour and her brother.

He bought a bus ticket from Panaji to Madgaon, before taking a train to Mangaluru. Subsequently, he reached Bengaluru, from obtained a SIM card from a beggar to call the security at Ghurde's apartment and find out about the events since his departure. Shortly afterwards, the police arrested him.

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