14/10/2016 2:40 PM IST | Updated 14/10/2016 4:43 PM IST

Watch This Comic Hilariously Explain How 'No' Means 'Negotiable' In India

"Hindustanio ko 'no' samajh hi nahi aata."

Nishant Tanwar/ Facebook

Stand-up comic Nishant Tanwar a.k.a Joke Singh addresses the very vital issue of the harassment that women face at the hands of men. Referring to the recently released movie Pink, Tanwar goes on to rant about how we Indians are not used to taking "no" for an answer since our childhood and for us, 'no' equals 'negotiable'.


Mom: Ek roti aur le le.

Son: no means no.

Mom: *slaps*

Son: Acha aadhi de do.

Drinking with friends.

Friend: Ek aur drink le le.

Nishant: No means no.

Friend: *calls up his parents* Uncle yeh Nishant ki girlfriend hai woh bhi Muslim.

To get the message across, Tanwar decides to subvert it and hilariously explains how a girl who wanted to tie Rakhi to him wouldn't give up, even though he said no to her many times. Finally, one day she cornered him and forcibly did the deed -- tie him a rakhi, that is. When a humiliated Tanwar went to the cops to report the forcible tying of Rakhi, they started interrogating him about what he was eating and wearing when the incident had occurred. The poor man realized that the unsympathetic policemen were blaming and shaming him, the victim.

A truly novel way to highlight regressive attitudes that lead to women's harassment and victim blaming.

Watch the hilarious video here that is actually very sad considering the state of our country:

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