5 Type Of Guests You Should Be Prepared For This Diwali

Guests are coming.
Dinner Guests Toasting Glasses
Dinner Guests Toasting Glasses

If there's a time when an Indian home starts resembling a super crowded railway station, it is during Diwali! Guests throng from various parts of the world and we can't help but greet them with a polite smile, lest they take offense. No matter how much we crib and cuss the arrival of our guests, deep down inside we know that it's this motley crew that makes the festival of lights even more special. Here are 8 type of hilarious guests whom we welcome to our houses every Diwali.

1. The ABCD

It's Diwali and you have a finely dressed gentleman sitting next to your father. While he's sitting on your freshly dry-cleaned sofa, all he can do is complain about the dreadful traffic in the city, the pollution, the crowded markets, and of course, the "unhealthiness" of Diwali. And he does all this while stuffing three kilos of kajukatli in his mouth.

2. The Dealer

With a glass of scotch in one hand and a pile of cash in another, this guest starts dealing cards at every drop of a hat. In fact, the only time you see this particular guest is when you host a cards party. Needless to say, the one who loves to play cards is the first one to arrive and the last one to leave!

3. The Match Maker

Although this category of people can be spotted literally in every Indian party and social gathering, Diwali time has them coming in hordes. When they come to your house, they don't come empty handed. With every gathering, they come prepared with at least 10 suitable matches for all the unmarried blokes and girls . The tremendous amount of time and effort that goes in populating a fresh list for every party is rather commendable, don't you think?

4. The Pass-It-Ons

Diwali is never complete without discovering a gift that was passed on. This special type of guest often comes to your house, sits, has chai, presents you with a huge gift, and leaves with a big smile plastered on their face. On the surface of it, the gift box and the guest look so innocent and genuine but when you open the gift you find a business card that doesn't belong to them! And that's how you spot a pass-it-on, my friend.

5. The Firecrackers

These guests come with one aim, to burn crackers. They are usually under 18 and love polishing off all your favourite meethai. They are often seen hanging around your gate, bursting crackers and playing with phuljhari or anars.

Relatives can be amusing in their own odd ways but the Diwali party never really rings in without these people. So, welcome aboard the folks with a glass of Coca-Cola and dig into the good times!