This Beautiful Video Perfectly Captures How You Can Help A Loved One Who Suffers From Depression

Dobara Poocho
Live Love Laugh Foundation
Live Love Laugh Foundation

"I am feeling so depressed."

This is a phrase that many people often use casually in their daily conversations. Sometimes it's the weather that gets them depressed, sometimes an annoying boss, and on other occasions, it could be the lack of a social life. But do we ever stop to think just what the word "depression" means? No, it's not just a state of mind or the moment when you are feeling down. It's much, much more than that.

Depression is a dark corner in your mind that slowly takes over your being. Once it takes over you, you cease to be who you are because it makes you doubt yourself, makes you want to disengage with those around you and most of all, it shuts you down. Mentally and emotionally. On the surface of it a person suffering from depression may seem fine but underneath, the dark monster gradually takes over every aspect of their life.

Almost 20 to 36% of India suffers from depression yet, the conversation around it is still a taboo. Think about this, while you are reading this article, your loved one could be suffering from it. Just telling them to buck up or chill out won't work. Just asking them once won't do the trick and taking their "I am fine" as a final word would definitely be the worst thing you can do.

Watch this beautiful video that perfectly captures the first step you can take to help someone suffering from depression find the path to recovery. #DobaraPoocho

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