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Agra Doctor Caught On Phone Asking Junior To Kill Patient

The 18-year-old TB patient succumbed to his illness hours later.

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A police complaint was lodged against a doctor at the SN Medical College in Agra for allegedly telling his junior colleague to kill a patient.

According to a report in the Times Of India, 18-year-old Mukesh Prajapati, suffering from a very advanced stage of TB, was rushed to the hospital late on Friday night but was refused admission by the junior doctor there.

"At around 10 pm on Friday, I took my son, who was suffering from TB, to the hospital after he complained of a stomach ache," TOI quoted the teenager's father, Teekam Prajapati, as saying. "Doctors at the medicine ward were just not willing to listen to us. We noticed the phone number of the head of the surgery department, Dr Swetank Prakash, listed on the wall and I called him up from Mukesh's phone. I made the head talk to his junior colleague who was standing with us. Mukesh was then admitted to the emergency ward."

However, Mukesh was in dire need of blood and since his family couldn't arrange for a blood transfusion, he died hours later. It so happened that Mukesh's father had recorded the conversation between Prakash and the junior doctor. When they listened to the recording, the family was shocked.

Dr Prakash was recorded as saying, "Admit zaroor kar lo, surgery me ya medicine me; maar daalo usse; blood likh do, apne aap bhaag jayega. [Make sure you admit him, either in the medicine or surgery department. Kill him. Prescribe units of blood for him and he will run away on his own.]"

The senior doctor was also, reportedly, heard yelling at the patient's relatives for calling him up at night.

A police complaint was lodged against Dr Prakash at the MM Gate police station in Agra.

"We want action against the doctor for negligence," Teekam Prajapati said, alleging that doctors had injected his son with the wrong medicine.

Defending himself against the allegations, Prakash told TOI, "The clip has been edited and doctored. I have not said all that. I instructed the junior doctors to provide immediate relief to the patient. He was a TB patient, not a surgery patient, but I asked the doctors to help him without caring about such things. This is an attempt to malign my image, but my fellow colleagues support me and I will continue with my service."

"We have written a letter to the college authorities," Superintendent of Police, Sushil Ghule, said. "We will initiate action after we get a report from the medical board concerning the incident."

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