10/10/2016 8:04 PM IST | Updated 10/10/2016 8:47 PM IST

WATCH: This Animated Music Video Has Been Inspired By The 'Kiss Of Love' Protests

Trippy as hell.


A new music video shared by Delhi-based indie producer-DJ Su Real last week takes inspiration from the famed 'Kiss Of Love' movement, kickstarted two years ago by youth in Kerala to protest moral policing by defiantly kissing and hugging in public.

The song, titled 'Soldiers', is an uptempo bass track featuring vocals by Tanya Nambiar and rap by General Zooz (of indie rap crew Reggae Rajahs). Its impressively produced animated music video complements the lyrics ('Too much suppression leads to aggression/too much repression leads to expression/this is a public display of affection/Goa to Guwahati, love is the mission') and has been created by Canada-based animator Sinbad Richardson (who uses the moniker 'Vienna Pitts').

In an emailed press release, Su Real said,"'Soldiers' is a banger with a mission. I wanted to craft a song that fits in at EDM festivals yet carries a strong message that I believe in. I was very impressed with the young folk of India who participated in 2014's "Kiss of Love" protests. When we're all having a good time on the dance floor, we don't believe in moral policing — we believe people should be free to love and express that love."

Despite landmark judgements in both the Supreme Court and the Delhi High Court stating categorically that public display of affection is not an obscene act, one is unlikely to see many couples kissing in public in Indian cities, towns, and villages.

Watch the video, off Su Real's latest album Twerkistan, below.

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