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Surendra Koli Gets Capital Punishment For Murder Of Nanda Devi In 2006 Nithari Case

Koli is also accused of killing Rimpa Halder.

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INDIA - JANUARY 01: View of the D 5 Sector 31 Noida, the residence of Moninder Singh Pandher and his servant Surendra Koli who are accused of kidnapping and killing several local children. This house was the scene of the crime and remains of the dead bodies of children were recovered from in and around it at Nithari Village in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India ( Noida Serial Killers Case) (Photo by Sipra Das/The India Today Group/Getty Images)

A special Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court in Ghaziabad on Friday gave capital punishment to Surendra Koli who has been found guilty of murder of Nanda Devi in the 2006 Nithari serial killing case.

The court had found Koli guilty of the murder on October 5.

Earlier, the Supreme Court had sought the response of Koli on a plea of the Uttar Pradesh Government against the Allahabad High Court's verdict that commuted his death penalty to life term.

Koli is also accused of killing Rimpa Halder.

He is also the accused of sexually assaulting girls before killing them, and allegedly eating them. The case came into light when two Nithari residents hinted his involvement in the disappearance of several children over the past two years since 2004.

The case was further strengthened when carcasses of children were found in the drain outside the house of businessman Moninder Singh Pandher, where Koli worked as a servant.

On February 13, 2009, Koli was sentenced to death by a special CBI court in Ghaziabad.

The high court had passed the order while allowing a PIL filed by People's Union for Democratic Rights, clubbed with another petition filed by Koli himself.

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