07/10/2016 1:03 PM IST | Updated 07/10/2016 2:10 PM IST

Bihar Lawmaker Accused Of Raping A Minor Spent Two Hours Wishing Lalu A Happy Durga Puja

He emerged twirling his moustache.

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RJD lawmaker Raj Ballabh Prasad, who is accused of raping a minor, spent two hours with party chief Lalu Prasad Yadav on Thursday, wishing him a "happy Durga Puja."

Prasad, accused of raping a 15-year-old in February, emerged from Yadav's house twirling his moustache on Thursday morning, The Telegraph reported.

The lawmaker from Nawada, who has been named in at least 10 criminal earlier cases, was granted bail by the Patna High Court, last week. The state government is arguing against his bail in the Supreme Court today.

The Bihar government has told the Supreme Court that "several heinous cases are pending against him" and the politician's "status, ability to temper evidences" has been ignored.

Prasad, who was suspended from the RJD following the rape allegation, denies have committed the crime. He spent a month trying to avoid being arrested. While the lawmaker is out on bail, the survivor has said that her family is living in terror.

"I am scared and afraid for my family. What will happen to them? I am already dead after what happened to me. I have nothing more to lose," she said in a message sent via Whatsapp to journalists and activists. "If this man is out, I cannot fight him. My girl will be finished," her father told NDTV.

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