06/10/2016 3:17 PM IST | Updated 06/10/2016 4:39 PM IST

A Hawker Tried To Sell Shilpa Shetty's Book On Diet At A Traffic Light And Was In For The Surprise Of His Life

"Kitaabe bahot si padhi hongi tumne..."

officialshilpashetty/ Instagram

A simple incident -- bumping into someone unexpectedly at a traffic light -- is all it takes to magically turn a mundane day into a magical one.

At a traffic signal in Mumbai, a hawker approached a car with a bunch of books he was selling, one among them being Baazigar actress Shilpa Shetty's book on fitness. Like any other day, he was trying to make a sale before the lights turned green. Only this time, he was selling the book to its writer, seated in the car.

Take a moment to let that sink in. How many times will this ever happen in the universe? This man, armed with The Great Indian Diet written by Shilpa Shetty, was trying to sell it to Shilpa, who promptly clicked a photo of his confused face before he realized who was in the car.

And when realization dawns, his expression is gold.

Shetty took to her Instagram account to share it with her fans.

"Kitaabe bahot si padhi hongi tumne, magar koi kitaab aisi padhi jo tumne likhi?"

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