05/10/2016 12:27 PM IST | Updated 05/10/2016 4:58 PM IST

WATCH: Radhika Apte Shuts Down A Reporter Who Asked Her A Genuinely Dumb Question

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Hindustan Times via Getty Images

On Tuesday evening, when a reporter at a press conference in Mumbai asked Radhika Apte a provocative question, the actress shut down him down in the most epic way possible, without losing her calm.

By now, it is widely known that two scenes from different films of Apte were leaked on the internet before the films even made it to the theatres.

One was a scene from Anurag Kashyap's segment (Clean Shaven) in the anthology Madly, where Apte is seen semi-nude; the other from Leena Yadav's recently-released Parched, where she's seen making passionate love to a man.

At the event, a reporter asked her if "creating such controversies and doing bold scenes was necessary to become successful." In a convoluted way, he was suggesting that Apte herself leaked the clips.

Predictably, the actress got very angry but kept her calm before replying.

She said, "Controversies are created by people like you. You saw the clip? You shared it with others? You are the person that controversies are made out of. As an artiste, I'm required to do a certain job and I will do it (sic)."

She continued, "If you get out of your cocoon and look at world cinema, at what people are doing abroad... and what they're successfully doing, you'll probably not ask me these questions. People who are ashamed of their own bodies have curiosity about other people's bodies. If you want to see a naked body, look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow. (sic)"

Watch the entire video here. And ignore the dramatisation.