05/10/2016 12:43 PM IST | Updated 05/10/2016 1:38 PM IST

Here Are The Other Goodies From Google's Pixel Launch

Google released a bunch of product under Google Home and Daydream VR.

Beck Diefenbach / Reuters

Pixel phones were the talk of the town in the Google's keynote yesterday. But there were a bunch of very intriguing products launched by Google in the entertainment and connected space. Here is a list everything you need to know about all the announcements in that space.

Daydream VR

At the Google IO developers' conference, the company had announced its project Daydream to make virtual reality more engaging for consumers. It released a set of standards for smartphones and VR headsets to have Daydream compatibility.


Google's VP of VR, Clay Bavor, claimed that its Daydream compatible VR headset is the most comfortable one for the consumers ever made. The company has used soft fabric with foam protection. Along with the headset, there is a controller which can be used for multiple actions.

The headset which will be released in November, cost $79 and come in multiple colours. Google has partnered with several content creators to provide daydream-ready content. The biggest catch of them all is a special edition of Harry Potter's Magical Beasts and where to find them.

In the coming months, more OEM partners would be releasing Daydream compatible smartphones.

Google Home

The Amazon Echo competitor was certainly the most interesting product of the keynote. The Air-freshener-shaped speaker has all the smarts powered by Google Assistant. The user can ask it to play Music from numerous services such as YouTube, Google Play Music, Spotify, and Pandora. Google has used a high-quality speaker for sound quality and changeable base for aesthetics.

Beck Diefenbach / Reuters
Google Home

The users would be able to shoot queries from anywhere such as asking for the match schedule of your favourite team or setting a reminder for you. You can even ask it to play something on your TV through the Chromecast.

Google home would right now be available only in the US for $129. The company is placing it as a multi-room product where in one house you can have as many units as you want.

Google Wifi And Chromecast

Last year Google released a router called OnHub to make home connectivity really simple. While the company is keen to support the OnHub movement, it released a new solution called Google WiFi.

Beck Diefenbach / Reuters
Google Wifi

The Puck-like device offers a mesh network solution to better connectivity throughout the home. The intelligent device manages the speed and distribution without any kind of configuration. There would be a companion app released by Google which would make the setup and control easy. Google is selling one unit at $129 and a bundle of 3 at $299.

Finally, Chromecast, one of the most loved Google hardware product, got an update. The Chromecast Ultra has a similar design to last year's Chromecast but it supports 4K streaming with Dolby vision support. Apart from that it is 1.8 times faster and supports ethernet as well. Chromecast Ultra will be priced at $69. Availability and pricing for all these products in India is unclear.