04/10/2016 10:57 AM IST | Updated 04/10/2016 11:25 AM IST

Alok Nath's Son Booked For Drunk Driving

Decidedly un-sanskaari behaviour.

Shivang Nath, son of actor Alok Nath, in a screen-grab from a TV news report.

MUMBAI — Shivang Nath, son of actor Alok Nath, was booked for drunk driving late on Monday night after returning home from a friend's birthday party. As per a Times Of India report, he was fined ₹2,600 for the misdemeanour and his car has been kept at Santa Cruz Police Station, in the city's western suburbs.

Reports say that Nath was at the wheel of his car with some friends when he was stopped by traffic police near Khar Police Station; however, instead of stopping the car, he sped off. Following this, he was chased by traffic policemen who followed him north and caught up with the car near Santa Cruz.

An India TV report says that, when caught by the police, Nath attempted to switch positions with a female friend, to make it look like she'd been driving all along. However, before he could do that successfully, the police had caught up with him.

It further added that Nath and his friends created a ruckus at the police station while being booked for the offence. A traffic police constable confirmed that Shivang and his friends got verbally abusive, but they slapped a drunken driving charge on him anyway.

Shivang's father Alok Nath is a character actor who has appeared in many popular Hindi films and television shows. He is well-known for playing 'sanskaari' (cultured) characters, which in late 2013 became the basis for an Internet meme that boosted the 60-year-old actor's popularity.

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