04/10/2016 8:32 AM IST | Updated 04/10/2016 9:34 AM IST

Hackers Transmit Pakistani Patriotic Songs As Indian Pilots Come In For Landing Near LOC

"Big irritant."

B Mathur / Reuters
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In the midst of heightened tensions between India and Pakistan, hackers are tapping into the frequencies used by Indian airlines to communicate with Air Traffic Control in Jammu, and they are playing Pakistani patriotic songs while flights are coming in for landing, The Times of India reported today.

"We are made to hear songs like 'Dil, dil Pakistan, jaan jaan Pakistan'," a senior pilot told TOI. "This is a big irritant as we are in final stage of landing," another pilot told the newspaper.

While commercial flights operate out of the airport in Jammu, only Air India flights chartered by the Indian army land in Thoise.

Once the frequency is hacked, pilots have to communicate with Northern Control in Udhampur, which then phones the Jammu ATC over the landline and gives them alternate frequencies, TOI reported. Pilots are then advised to get the new coordinates from the Jammu ATC.

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