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Bengaluru Bus Conductor Bites Passenger After A Scuffle Breaks Out

Aruna was detained earlier for attacking another passenger.

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Chaos broke out during an early morning bus ride in Bengaluru on Thursday, when a scuffle among three male passengers and a woman conductor led to the later biting one of the men.

According to reports, Aruna (26), employed with the 9th Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) depot, was on duty on a bus plying the route 401-A/15 between Jalahalli and Peenya. Around 8.30 AM, she noticed three men standing on the footboard of the vehicle and asked them to step inside.

Praveen, Puneet and Pavan, who are students of MN Technical Institute in KG Halli, refused to listen to her and said they would be getting off at the next stop, KG Halli. When Aruna asked for their bus passes, they handed them over.

Matters went out of hand as the bus reached the next stop. When the students demanded their passes back, Aruna allegedly said she was unsure of their authenticity and decided to confiscate them. She told them to collect the passes later from the depot. At this point, one of the students tried to retrieve the passes from her pocket, leading to a fistfight.

Aruna brought the bus to a halt and alighted the vehicle with the men on the road, where they hurled abuses at one another. According to eyewitnesses, when one of the students tried to fend her attacks, she bit him on the arm and didn't let go even when the traffic police tried to intervene, until the student pushed her away, causing she to fall on the street.

Aruna was sent to a hospital later, where she was treated for her injuries. This is apparently not the first time she has been involved in such an incident, having been detained for attacking another passenger on 4 June. According to The Hindu, the BMTC summoned Aruna and her mother for an enquiry.

"We learnt that she had done this before. But in this case, she was enraged by the conduct of the youngsters," a BMTC official said. "They allegedly snatched the pass from her, which resulted in a part of the daily collection falling from her hands. She has also accused the students of verbally abusing her and pushing her." He added, though, that "she should have restrained herself and sought police help" instead of behaving the way she did.

BMTC has recommended 15 days' rest and medical check-up for Aruna.

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