Watch This To Find Out Why Michael Jackson Is Spinning In His Grave

This is more scary than the 'Thriller' zombies.

The online world is a vast repository of treasures. One only has to look. It can yield, for instance, Cringe Pop gems hidden in plain sight. Admit it, Cringe Pop might make you... cringe, but, for whatever reasons, it does have a special place in your heart.

While the world is tripping on Pen Pineapple Apple Pen, we stumbled upon this desi find that will have you hooked in an instant.

Titled KITAB , PHOOL AUR DIL ??? the song features Vinay Sharma, who just wants to know this: "It is a Big Question----BOOKS say that FLOWERS don't have HEARTS, Then How do all GORGEOUS Have??? "

Sharma's attire is an homage to the "King of pop" Michael Jackson.

Surprise surprise! Sharma is a professor by profession who shows off some sick MJ moves.

Our desi MJ is multi-talented too.

Speaking of talent, Sharma has written, composed, sung and choreographed the song. Yep.

And going by his video description, Sharma teaches Robotics and Control systems at a university in Faridabad. He's also apparently been a national level Hindi debater.

Looks like he's the Justin Trudeau of India because "Is there anything this man cannot do?😍 "

Watch the video here and you'll know what we're talking about. Just a note of caution, once you see it, you cannot un-see it.

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