28/09/2016 10:21 AM IST | Updated 28/09/2016 12:06 PM IST

Man Performs Last Rites And Builds A Memorial For His Ox

"I performed all those rites for my beloved ox that I had performed for my departed father."

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SAMBHAL, Uttar Pradesh -- As a mark of respect and gratitude for his beloved ox who passed away, a farmer in Uttar Pradesh performed its last rites as per Hindu rituals and organised a feast for over 1,000 people 13 days after its death.

Ramu, an ox owned by Pappu Yadav, a farmer who lives in Sikrora Bhur village in Sambhal district, had been ill for the past few months. Yadav, who reportedly loved Ramu like his own child, provided him with every possible medical treatment in a bid to restore its health. But the bovine succumbed to his illness 12 days ago.

"We reared the ox for so many years, and when it died, we cremated him and performed his last rites, organised an akhand paath and a feast, as people organise tehravi for the peace of the departed soul," Yadav told ANI. "Our relatives came from Delhi and Ghaziabad and other places to join us in this moment of grief."

Yadav not only cremated Ramu as per Hindu rites, but also organised a prayer meet where hymns of the Ramayana were read out.

Yadav described Ramu as his family's breadwinner, adding that the bovine used to work with him for as much as 10 hours every day.

Ramu was one of the two oxen the farmer had bought 12 years ago.

Yadav also decided to erect a memorial for Ramu.


"We were very attached to Ramu, and thus, we also erected a memorial for him... I performed all those rites for my beloved ox that I had performed for my departed father," Yadav added.

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