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In Suicide Note, BK Bansal Alleges Torture By CBI Officers Led To 'Murder' Of Wife And Daughter

"Even if I was at fault in the case, why were my wife and daughter pushed to suicide by CBI officials?"

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DELHI, INDIA JULY 20: Corporate affairs director general BK Bansal,(L) whose wife and daughter allegedly committed suicide, was arrested by the CBI last weekend in East Delhi.(Photo by India Today Group/Getty Images/India Today Group/Getty Images)

NEW DELHI -- Former bureaucrat BK Bansal, who hanged himself along with his son Yogesh on Tuesday morning, alleged in a suicide note that officers of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had "tortured" his family members into taking the extreme step. His wife Satyabala, 58, and daughter Neha, 28, had committed suicide two months ago in July after Bansal's arrest. Bansal and his son followed suit on Tuesday.

"Even if I was at fault in the case, why were my wife and daughter pushed to suicide by CBI officials," Bansal wrote in Hindi in a suicide note recovered from his residence in east Delhi. "This cannot be termed as suicide. It is a murder of two ladies."

His suicide note, dated 26 September, was found in his residence. He had also placed four photocopies of it in different parts of his house, according to local police. It appears that he had also mailed copies of his note to several media houses and the CBI before he committed suicide.

In his note, he alleged that two women CBI officers, under the direction of a CBI Deputy Inspector General, slapped his wife during the raid in their flat in Patparganj's Neelkanth apartments after Bansal was arrested on 16 July. The DIG allegedly instructed the two women officers, "Torture these women so much that they are almost dead."

Bansal alleged in his suicide note that the CBI DIG threatened his wife and daughter over the phone and warned them that Bansal would be tortured in police custody and his body would be chopped into pieces. He also boasted of his connection to a senior leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and allegedly threatened that the family's "future generations" would be scared of him, Bansal wrote in his five-page note written on 26 September.

In his letter, he claimed that the DIG told his wife and daughter that "they will be subjected to such a torture that they will ask for death but won't get it". This pushed Bansal's wife and daughter to take the extreme step, he claimed. They committed suicide on 19 July, after the CBI conducted raids in their house for two days till the early hours of the morning.

He also referred to a "fat havaldar" (lower rank officer) in his letter, who was part of this alleged torture. Bansal also claimed that his wife and daughter had told some of their friends and neighbours how they were mistreated by CBI officers. In his note, he asked for the CBI director to probe the matter and subject the "fat havaldar" to a lie detector test. However, he probed the investigating officer in the case, claiming he was polite and respectful, and even wished his family well in his suicide note.

The CBI has now constituted an internal inquiry following the accusations in the suicide note, copies of which had been sent to the agency by Delhi Police. The Delhi Police is separately conducting an inquiry under 174 of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

"This cannot be termed as suicide. It is a murder of two ladies."

Bansal, a former director general in the union ministry of corporate affairs, had been arrested in July for allegedly accepting a bribe of ₹9 lakh from the Mumbai-based company Elder Pharmaceuticals. He was out on bail when he committed suicide along with his son Yogesh, who is not accused in the case.

However, Yogesh, in his suicide note, also alleged that he was "unofficially" subjected to "mental and physical torture" by five CBI officers including the DIG named by his father in his suicide note.

"My mother and my sister were against suicide but they were tortured to such an extent that they took the step," he alleged in a two-page suicide note, adding that they were "murdered" by CBI officers. He also alleged that a neighbour made fun of their situation.

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