27/09/2016 1:04 PM IST | Updated 27/09/2016 2:42 PM IST

This Viral Song About Apple-Pineapple-Pen Will Get Stuck In Your Head

On loop.

ピコ太郎歌唱ビデオチャンネル/ YouTube

In case you didn't know already, the Internet is a weird place. You could come up with the best and most relevant content catering to your target audience and barely get noticed. But hey, your chances of going viral would go up dramatically if you came up with a one-minute song about pineapples, apples, and pens.

Japanese comedian and DJ, Kosaka Daimaou has come up with a 1-minute-long gem that will lodge itself in the crevices of your brain.

The infectious song is already being touted as the next Gangnam Style with over 4 million views on YouTube. The song is about PPAP, which, obviously, stands for 'Pen Pineapple Apple Pen' and features Piko-Taro, a character created by Daimaou.

Catchy as hell.

Watch the hilarious video here:

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