26/09/2016 1:27 PM IST | Updated 26/09/2016 1:54 PM IST

Uttar Pradesh Man Shoots At His Father For Repeatedly Molesting His Wife

He has been arrested in a case of 'attempt to murder'.

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A peace protest in Ahmedabad in the wake of the gang-rape on an elderly nun.

For a while now, Amit, a 28-year-old from Farrukhabad district in Uttar Pradesh was upset with his father. According to reports, his 50-year-old father would regularly make sexual advances to his wife.

On Saturday night, all hell broke loose after Ratiram, allegedly in an inebriated state, tried to force himself on Amit's wife. An infuriated Amit then shot at his father, reports Times Of India.

Ratiram was taken to Qayamganj community health centre from where he was shifted to a private nursing home. His condition is stable now.

Shamsabad SHO Lalitesh Tripathi told ToI that Ratiram "grabbed his daughter-in-law and tried to force himself on her". When her husband, who was in another part of the house, heard her crying for help he went and thrashed his father and then allegedly shot at him, leaving him wounded.

Amit has been arrested, and a case of attempt to murder has been registered against him.

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