26/09/2016 9:33 AM IST | Updated 26/09/2016 10:05 AM IST

Robbers Raid The Wrong House, Put Herbs And Bandages On Victim Before Leaving

The incident happened in Tamluk, West Bengal.

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In an odd twist, robbers turned into benefactors in Tamluk, West Bengal. Six men broke into a mason's one-storey house at 1 a.m., tied up his two sons and wife, and assaulted him, The Telegraph reported. They demanded to know where he had kept the ₹6 lakh bank loan he had recently taken.

When Sanjit Singh denied any knowledge of this sum, he was hit on the head with a sickle and stabbed on the chest. Soon, it emerged from Singh's wife's testimony that he had indeed taken a bank loan, but for ₹60,000, of which the bank had paid them the first instalment of ₹10,000. While the family had already spent ₹2,000, Singh's wife offered to show the robbers where the rest of it was kept.

Realising their goof-up, the men reportedly began to discuss among themselves their next course of action. Since the masks of two of them had come off while they were intimidating the family, they briefly debated if it would be best to kill all four of them. Finally, weighing the consequences of murder charges against those for robbery and intimidation, they decided to let the family live.

Before they left, the robbers took away the ₹8,000 and some jewellery, but also put aloe vera paste on Singh's wounds to stem the bleeding and bandaged his head. By the time, he was taken to a hospital, the bleeding had stopped and Singh was released after eight stitches were put on him.

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