23/09/2016 10:51 AM IST | Updated 23/09/2016 1:04 PM IST

'My Name Is Mohammad Kaif And I'm Not A Sharpshooter' Clarifies Indian Cricketer

"I don’t shoot with a gun, though still attempt to shoot the ball on the stumps."

Vijay Mathur / Reuters

Cricketers can have on and off days on the field. But perhaps no one warned them that when it comes to social media, the pitch can get quite uneven. As former Indian test player Mohammad Kaif found out after a rough last week on Twitter. All thanks to him being mistaken for a Bihar-based sharpshooter who is his namesake.

Vijay Mathur / Reuters | ANI Twitter

The confusion arose after the alleged shooter was seen accompanying Rashtriya Janata Dal MP Mohammad Shahabuddin, when he was released on bail after being behind bars for 11 years on several charges.

On 18 September, the alleged sharpshooter Kaif's family was seen protesting against the police and for some reason one protester's banner read, "cricketer mohammad kaif ko insaaf do." (Justice for cricketer Mohammad Kaif.)

ANI/ Twitter

To clear the confusion, Mohammad Kaif, the cricketer, instantly took to Twitter and posted this.

But things became loopier when the cricketer's brother received a phone call from a journalist. The cricketer promptly issued this statement on his Twitter account:

"Over the last few days, news has been surfacing about someone by the name of Mohammad Kaif in connection with a sharp shooting case. Some journalist called my brother and asked, "Yeh Kaif Bhai ne kya kardiya ", some agency carried a picture saying, "Cricketer Mohammad Kaif ko Insaaf Do"I don't need this Insaaf, bhai. Sir, My name is Mohammad Kaif and I am not that Sharp Shooter.I don't shoot with a gun, though still attempt to shoot the ball on the stumps. Will try to do so in the upcoming Domestic season while leading Chattisgarh,who are playing Ranji Trophy for the first time. Shower in your good wishes but please stop the confusion. Har Mohammad Kaif Cricketer nahihota and as the cliche goes, When in doubt, Check it out."

But some confusion still prevailed, so Kaif the cricketer had to clarify once again.

"Where did I surrender? When did I surrender? I've played so many matches for India. Anything in the name of headline, you've crossed all the limits. Doesn't anyone read otherwise?" a clearly exasperated Kaif tweeted.

Care to explain this, Mr. Kaif?

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