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Even Al Qaeda Says That Pakistan Is Playing 'A Dirty Game' In Kashmir

"The issue of oppressed Kashmiris is no more than a dirty game, and an ugly trade for these corrupt people."

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A masked Kashmiri mourner holds up a Pakistani flag in Budgam district on August 16, 2016.

While India and Pakistan are waging a war of words at the United Nations, terrorist group Al Qaeda has issued a statement accusing the "Pakistani military and government" of playing a "dirty game" in the war-ravaged region, and exhorting Kashmiris to stop cooperating with them.

The 11-page message to Muslims of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan, titled 'Jihad of Kashmir: A Call to Reflection & Action', was released in English, Hindi, Bengali and Urdu, reported The Indian Express today, which also carried the statement.

"History testifies to the fact that fighting under the supervision and with the cooperation of Pakistani agencies is tantamount to wasting the fruitage of jihad and getting injustice on oppressed Kashmiris to increase," Ustadh Usama Mahmood said in the statement.

"My dear Kashmiri brothers... is it not time that we say goodbye to those who have asserted sympathy and well-wishes, and yet want the Kashmir dispute to remain a dispute. Whether they be Satan's parliament in the form of the UN, or traitors of the ummah in the form of the Pakistani military and government, the issue of oppressed Kashmiris is no more than a dirty game, and an ugly trade for these corrupt people," he said.

Excerpts of the AQIS message:

"Keeping away the wound of Kashmiris from healing is part of their politics. Their business flourishes with the screams of mothers and sisters. Keeping the blazing fire burning in the valley of Kashmir safeguards their extravagant spending and enjoyment. The path that they show ends in nothing but failure, helplessness and agony.

...if this jihad is not liberated from the influence of the Pakistani military and intelligence agencies, then this night of oppression on the Kashmiri people would not only become long; it would never end.

In 2002, when the Indian Army approached the border and showed Pakistan Army a bit of force, the latter became completely submissive... Showing resolve in the face of Indian military pressure and American discontentment is not part of their (Pakistan army's) doctrine to begin with."

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