22/09/2016 9:02 AM IST | Updated 22/09/2016 9:40 AM IST

Xiaomi Launches The Mi Air Purifer 2 In India

The ₹9,999 air purifier is Xiaomi's first smart home product available in the country.


Xiaomi, known primarily for its smartphones in India, has finally brought a product from its smart home range to the country. The Mi Air Purifier 2, now available here and priced at ₹9,999 for the Indian market, is the part of Xiaomi's sub-brand, Mi Ecosystem.

Up until now, the only Xiaomi product sold in India besides its smartphones was the Mi Band.

The Mi Air Purifier 2 can clean the air in a 15 x 15 square feet (roughly 21 square metres) room under 10 minutes. The device's clean air delivery rate is 310-metre cube per hour.

The smart air purifier is WiFi enabled so that it can be controlled through an Android or iOS app. The Mi Home app can be used to control the purifier's different modes and set schedules as well.


The purifier uses an axial flow fan that increases the speed at which fresh air is delivered. According to the manufacturer, this helps in quickly dissipating odors such as those caused by tobacco smoke or formaldehyde.

In a statement accompanying Mi Air Purifier 2's India launch, Hugo Barra, Xiaomi's global VP referred to the increasing concern among Indians about air quality and the need for greater awareness about ways to counter this health threat. "It is heartening to see more conversation about the situation, but there is still a big gap when it comes to consumer awareness," Barra's statement said. "We believe that we are able to play a role in increasing awareness about air pollution by including AQI data into our MIUI Weather app, and by introducing Mi Air Purifier 2 to India. At this game-changing price, Mi Air Purifier 2 is set to disrupt the air purifier category in India, enabling us to bring these technological innovations to everyone,"


According to a report published by the World Health Organization, 10 of the top 20 most polluted cities in the world are in India. The report was based on PM2.5 levels in cities, which are the measure of the fine particulate pollution.

Xiaomi claims that the Mi Air Purifier 2 will remove 99.7 percent of PM2 particles. The purifier also removes any particles more than 0.3 microns in size with an advanced EPA filter.

The Mi Purifier 2 will be available on in India from 26 September. And it will be exclusively available on Flipkart from 2 October. A replacement filter will be also available for ₹2,499.

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