This Reddit Thread About The Everyday Driving Experience In India Will Make You Say 'Same'

"Honking is a birthright."

Driving in India can be the most challenging experience for anyone. In fact, it's an art in itself. Everyone's in a hurry to reach their destination regardless of the traffic. People on two-wheelers turn into stuntmen by ditching the road and riding on the footpath.

You get honked at even when the traffic signal's red. Your route on Google Maps is always red. Motorists switch lanes at their own convenience. Indicators seem like a useless invention here. Helmets are worn on people's arms, not heads. You fervently hope that no one runs you over on a zebra crossing.

A Reddit user spaceman2121 shares the experience of driving in India for 10 years and it is too damn relatable. Here's what he said:

1. 'The first and the last 5 seconds of a red light don't count. The traffic will keep flowing either way.'

"Traffic police walabhinahi hai. Jaldi nikal le!"

2. 'If you are a pedestrian, you just have to hold out your arm in front of you and you can cross from anywhere, traffic be damned.'

Like a boss.

3. 'Terror is seeing a Scorpio with HR26 number plates flashing lights in your rearview mirror.'

Risky after whiskey.

4. 'On road priority goes from Cows -> Tractors -> DTC buses -> Trucks -> Bikes -> Pedestrians -> Cars -> Cycles.'

Cow na... Pyaar hai.

5. 'Autowallahs will always drive first.'

Saying "No!" simultaneously.

Reddit User Madrascalcutta chips in.

6. 'Indicators are fancy lights with no meaning.'

Every Indian ever: hehehehe. *drives off*

7. 'Lanes are white paint markers with no purpose on roads.'

We have no lane-dane with road safety.

8. 'There is no such thing as minimum car distance.'

Just Indian road essentials.

9. 'In NCR, red means go and green means go faster.'

"Kisi disco meinjaaye?"

10. 'An intact side mirror is a valid target for hunting.'

"If you spot someone driving with an intact side rear mirror, then entire Kayanat will conspire to ensure someone breaks it off in traffic."

• AndSpiron123 has something to add.

11. 'Honking is a birthright. Honking like an idiot is a mark of pride.'

"Car horns should drain petrol. That way people would honk way lesser. " - @scaryhairyman/Twitter

12. Zebra crossing, who?

"Jai hanuman gyaangunnsagar..."

13. 'Noticed a stationary car's door opening up? You spotted a paan lover.'

This could be an adventure sport altogether.

• User ami_tomar_bhondu shares his experiences.

14. 'Stopping in the middle of the road.'

We are cows in disguise.

15. 'Drive through mud puddles at full speed.'

Cheap thrills.

You can read the entire thread here.

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