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These Fabulous Videos Will Make You Fall In Love With Indian Cities All Over Again

Brace for homesickness.

Peter Adams
Pigeons, India Gate, Colaba, Mumbai (Bombay), India

There's little to challenge the fact that Mumbai is the best place in India to go pub hopping and partying. Then you are reminded of the rains, the relentless downpour that makes living inside your homes difficult, forget partying outside. Then there are Delhi's famed winters, which make gobbling kebabs and guzzling Old Monk while sitting in a terrace seem like the best thing to do in life. Except of course, you are also wolfing down lots of polluted air with it. Oh and Bengaluru's weather can't be praised enough, even though most of the city's residents spend half their lives stuck in traffic jams. Your stomach is the happiest when its in Kolkata, but your head hurts every time there's a mention of a bandh.

Cities are like this - you love them, hate them, fight them and then make peace with them. And you can never have enough of them. Indian cities - with their different languages, weather, food are fascinating and infuriating at the same time.

Recently, Mumbai resident Siddharth Satyajith created and shared a video that captures his city in all its glory and frustrations. There have a host of similar videos on other cities, that are guaranteed to make residents or former residents nostalgic.

Here's a few you can watch again and again if you are missing your favourite city.


Photographer/ videographer Siddharth Sathyajit moved to Mumbai from Kerala as a 12-year-old. He hated the city at first, the crowd baffled him, the trains made him cry. But over the years, he learnt to love the city. For him, Mumbai was not about vada pavs and the Marine Drive. It was about how everyone in the city has a chance to discover his individuality and become successful with hard work.


A bunch of Delhi residents scoured the city for a year, hunting for stories - told through food, poetry, music and dance. The result was this video. Shot from the eyes of a true blue Delhiite, this video will compel you to love everything from a loud Punjabi wedding and the intricately carved interiors of Jama Masjid to the chaotic streets of Lajpat Nagar and the crowds in Sarojini Market.


Bengaluru is a city that routinely frustrates and thrills its residents. Its transport system maybe in shambles but that is compensated for by the weather and a plethora of interesting eateries and watering holes. Rinosh George, who hails from Kerala explains what makes him (and everyone else) fall in love with Bengaluru.


This beautiful ad takes one through the elements that are so synonymous with Kolkata. Be it the sandesh, College Street dotted with big and small book shops, or just the warm colours of Durga Puja, this advertisement for a housing website has it all covered. It's impossible not to want to visit Kolkata or miss it once you watch this one.


Filter coffee, kancheepuram saris and Tamil films -- three things that come to anyone's mind when one thinks of Chennai. This beautiful video by Madras Photo Factory celebrates the city, that is still popularly called Madras by its loyal residents.


Many years ago, as a tribute to Kerala, the artist Usha Uthup released an entire album called 'I love Kerala', which also included a song called 'pyaara pyaara Cochin town'. A more recent video (featured above) has also attempted to do the same. A rich hub for arts, the city's colonial history is still fairly evident from its architecture. This video shows the city through the eyes of a bunch of children, who introduce you to everything the city is loved for.

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