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The Morning Wrap: Baloch Leader To Apply For Political Asylum In India; 'Dalit Foods' Fights Caste Discrimination

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi may be in the third year of his term, but his approval ratings among Indians have remained high. Eight in ten Indians have a favourable view of the 66-year-old leader, a Pew Research Centre report has found.

The last couple of days have witnessed Tamil Nadu and Karnataka fighting over the Cauvery river. But the police of both the states have been extremely efficient. While the Bengaluru police have been keeping people updated on social media, the Tamil Nadu police's special gesture for a Bengaluru man has got everyone talking now. In a Facebook post, a Bengaluru-based engineer Joyal Bindu shared how Tamil Nadu Police helped him when he was on his way back home from Kollam after celebrating Onam. Noticing his Karnataka number plate, the Tamil Nadu highway patrol followed him for 350 kms to make sure he reached home safe.

For a moment it looked like the Yadav family had sailed out of troubled waters. But SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav, on Saturday, described Uttar Pradesh CM and his son Akhilesh Yadav as incompetent and entitled. Observers have remarked that what looked like a clash of egos, which is nothing out of the ordinary in any family, now appear to be serious fault-lines among the members of the Yadav clan. This could be very demotivating for party workers, especially those who don't already have favourites, and who now might feel the pressure to choose a party leader.

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India on Monday said that it had the right to respond when and where it chose to a deadly attack on an army base in Kashmir, after blaming Pakistan for the raid that killed 18 soldiers. The assault, in which four gunmen burst into a brigade headquarters in the town of Uri before dawn on Sunday, was among the deadliest in the disputed Himalayan region and has sharply raised tensions between the nuclear-armed rivals.

As the Cauvery Supervisory Committee meeting began, the police had barricaded both the sides. Public transport between the two states had been suspended, fearing vandalism. Therefore, hundreds of people were seen walking past the barricaded border and armed policemen at Hosur. Small merchants, software engineers, patients and students, all walked over no man's land, holding on to their laptops, bags of vegetables and goods, while some even cradled newborns brought straight out of hospital.

In an important announcement that is bound to have ramifications for Indo-Pakistan relations, Baloch leader Brahumdagh Bugti announced that he would be formally applying for political asylum in India. He also asked New Delhi to make Balochistan a 'serious part' of its foreign policy.

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For the first time, Pakistani authorities have allowed an Indian Sikh to permanently display images of 'sacred trees' of Gurdwaras of India and Pakistan at Gurdwara Janam Asthan Nankana Sahib, which is situated about 80 km southwest of Lahore.

A former rebel fighter and member of India's "untouchable" caste is taking on caste-based discrimination with packaged foods that would have been regarded as impure just decades ago. Chandra Bhan Prasad, 58, was born into the Dalit Pasi community of pig rearers in northern India. Now, Prasad and his wife have launched 'Dalit Foods' online to sell spices, pickles and grains.

Social media site Twitter has decided to discontinue engineering tasks in India, a move that will lead to layoffs at its development centre in Bengaluru, Karnataka. According to reports, around 100 employees will be given the pink slips.


The real impact of Reliance Jio will be measured by the extent to which it propels India's financial inclusion mission, wrote Sumita Kale and SV Divvaakar in Mint. "Reliance Jio's ambitious plan to provide cheap data connectivity across India underlines the need to focus on telecom infrastructure and service quality to enable transactions, transfers and withdrawals of funds. If Reliance Jio's nationwide roll-out prioritises the financially excluded pockets, it will be a game changer. If it spurs competition to reduce prices across the market, it could make a significant difference to the affordability of digital financial services," they wrote.

Leadership in difficult times should be a cold-blooded business. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's decision after Sunday's terrorist attack in Uri, should be driven by a clinical appraisal of what can be achieved, writes Praveen Swami in The Indian Express. "Lawrence Freedman, in his magisterial work on strategy, defines it thus: "Identifying objectives; and about the resources and methods for meeting such objectives". PM Modi's real problem is that while India knows its objectives — deterring Pakistan — it lacks the resources to do so," he says.

In Arunachal Pradesh, the BJP has a history of orchestrating defections in the Congress, bringing down Congress regimes, says V Bijukumar in The Hindu. "The BJP's effort to install a PPA-led government has to be seen in the larger context of its politics in the region. Though the BJP's attempt to dislodge the Congress government began soon after the general election in 2014, it accelerated following the Assam Assembly election. The newly floated North-East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) has been trying to dislodge Congress governments by encouraging defections and offering positions and money to the MLAs to achieve BJP supremo Amit Shah's goal of a "Congress-free" Northeast. The current political developments have bearing on Congress-ruled Manipur and Meghalaya where the BJP, under NEDA, appears to be in the mood for dislodging governments," he says.

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