19/09/2016 7:53 PM IST | Updated 19/09/2016 9:18 PM IST

Tamil Nadu Police Escorted A Bengaluru Man 350 Km Just So That He Gets Home Safe


Joyal Bindu/Facebook

The last couple of days have witnessed Tamil Nadu and Karnataka fighting over the Cauvery river. Meanwhile, the police of both the states have been extremely efficient. While the Bengaluru police have been keeping people updated on social media, the Tamil Nadu police's special gesture for a Bengaluru man has got everyone talking now.

In a Facebook post, a Bengaluru-based engineer Joyal Bindu shared how Tamil Nadu Police helped him when he was on his way back home from Kollam after celebrating Onam.

"What happened today, I shall never ever forget. The incident has really touched me and my family with the exemplary display of chivalry, dedication, sincerity and security towards the general citizens by the Tamil Nadu police," Joyal wrote.

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On Sunday, when Joyal was on his way back to Bengaluru, he was stopped at the toll gate on the Madurai bypass by a lady police.

After noticing his Karnataka registered vehicle, she told him that the force will escort him following the recent unrest over Cauvery water.

"A relay of at least 7-8 Police Cabs with personnel took over from various check-posts to usher us safely on the highway. From a convoy of 4 vehicles we were in total of 16 vehicles by the end of day," he wrote.

However, Joyal thought that he will not be accompanied after they cross the Madurai bypass limits. But the police officials proved him wrong and escorted him for over a distance of 350 kms till he safely entered Bengaluru.

This is the post he shared on Facebook:

This is so heartwarming. Kudos, Tamil Nadu police.

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