19/09/2016 11:25 AM IST | Updated 19/09/2016 12:24 PM IST

Sign Of The Times: 7 Fun Emoji Centered Products


William Andrew

Last week, Apple released the iOS 10 update to all the iPhones and iPads. Besides other features, the latest update included many new emojis and the older ones were modified to reflect greater gender and colour diversity.

Emojis are a growing phenomenon, with new emoticons being introduced to emoji libraries at a fast clip. Allo, Google's new messenger, is going to support resizing of emojis as well.

Many developers have made interesting and fun products centered around emojis. We take a look at some of the websites and apps.

1. Bitmoji

Remember Bitstrips? An app that allowed you to create comic strips using your avatar? They have created a new app called Bitmoji, through which users can create their avatars and then use the emojis related to that avatar.


Bitmoji allows for a lot of customization of the persona to make it look like the user. These tweaks involve face shapes, skin tone, hair, length, style, jaw shape, mouth and more. These bitmojis are now shareable on almost any platform including Snapchat and are widely used. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian have their own emoji apps as well.

2. Emojicate

If you're obsessed with emojis and communicate with your friend just using them, this is the best app for you -- a messenger which doesn't let users use anything but emoticons. Emojicate has a lot of custom emojis that help the users communicate.


Like any other messenger, it lets you mention your friends as well. The users can create dynamic emojis such as time, place, sports, weather and more.

3. Emoji-translate

One of the most fun features in iOS 10 allows the user to turn some words into emojis while typing a sentence. Emoji-translate is something similar, as this one-stop translator can turn whole sentences into emojis with a single click.


4. Emojisauras

This website is on a mission to create a thesaurus based on emojis. Users can pick phrases and assign their own version of emojis to them. The most voted version will be featured against that phrase. Sadly, no one can copy-paste the phrases to share it on other social networks.

5. Botmoji

With so many emojis now, it is hard to know the exact meaning of each one. In which case, there is this twitter bot to help you out. Tweet out to @botmoji with a single emoji and any text. It will send you a reply with the appropriate meaning of that emoji.


6. Emogify

Emojis are cool, GIFs are super cool. But what if they are combined? Lindsey Lamb has created a set of emoji based GIFs that you can save to your phone and send to a friend. Right now, there is no feature for users to create their own Emogifs but one could always tweet to the creator about an idea involving emojis and GIFs.

7. Emoji code

So Theo Weidmann decided one day that enough is enough and built a whole programming language based on emojis. So if you are a coder, now you can make programs based on emojis. That's not all. This programming language works across the platform in OS X, Ubuntu, Raspbian.

How do you use your emojis? What are your favorite ones? Do tell us.

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