16/09/2016 10:17 AM IST | Updated 16/09/2016 12:05 PM IST

Reos Music: A Merger Of Music Player, Streaming And Shazam

The new music player from Cube26 is packed with goodies.

Jamie Farrant

Smartphones have become the music listening device of choice for many. People store songs in their phones, download music or song videos to the phones from the Internet, or just stream songs or videos via an app.

Enter a new app, called Reos Music, that aims to be music lovers' Swiss army knife. Reos Music is part of the newly launched app suite by Cube26 under the Reos brand name. The app interface is simple and intuitive. When you open it, it acts like a regular music player by default. You can see all your locally stored songs listed under the Audio tab.

The subtabs display all songs, playlists, artists, albums, and genres. Among the default playlists created, is one called Favourites, and to add a song to it you just have to tap the heart symbol.

The player screen has many options as well. Besides the default options available in a regular music player, there is also an equalizer and a timed stop button. So say, if you are listening to music while going to sleep, you can specify the time when the music will be turned off.


The second tab is for videos and if you want to view one, Reos Music will search it for you online, including from popular sources such as YouTube and Dailymotion, and then play it for you. The subtabs here are divided into Hindi and English songs. There are some custom made playlists as well. The app features newly released albums as well, so there is ample scope to discover new songs and new kinds of music.

The third tab is for Internet radio stations. Here too, there are subtabs for Hindi and English stations. Besides popular Internet radio stations such as BBC Music, Hum FM and, Gold FM, there are Delhi FM radio stations too which are streamed on the app.


"We are going to integrate radio in such a way that users will be able to search a particular song and if a radio station is playing that she will be redirected to that station from the app," Saurav Kumar, CEO of Cube26 told HuffPost India.

Talking more about Reos Music's versatile search function, Kumar listed the sources which the app looks up to locate a song or video. "If a user searches for a particular song the app first searches for it in the local library," he explained. "If the song is not available there, the list of videos on the Internet is shown. That's not it. We also give links to the music streaming apps such as Saavn and Gaana from the app for the searched songs."

Another great feature in the app is song recognition. The app has a mic icon near the search bar. If the user taps it, the app listens to the music that is playing for a few seconds and then identifies the song.

"Right now there are 6-7 million songs in our library that can be identified," Kumar said. "In future, we are going to add more of them. Also, we want to make song discovery more fun and intuitive. The app will be enhanced with advanced algorithms and better support for streaming."

You can check out the Reos Music app in the Play Store.