15/09/2016 5:34 PM IST | Updated 15/09/2016 6:47 PM IST

Xiaomi To Launch Mi Air Purifier In India

The air purifier will be the smartphone maker's first product in India from their home range.

Consumers in China are accustomed to Xiaomi's wide product range, covering everything from home automation to transport. But in India, the company is known only for its smartphones and phone accessories. This will change on 21 September, when Xiaomi launches its Mi Air Purifier here.

As HuffPost India reported earlier, Xiaomi plans to bring many products to India this year, including air purifiers, Mi Band 2, and Mi Box. Manu Jain, the company's India head, tweeted about the launch being live-streamed.

Xiaomi is likely to launch the second version of its air purifier, which is a more compact and efficient than the first. It can clean the air in a 23-square-metre room in 10 minutes.

The Mi Air Purifier can be controlled by a smartphone and uses a brush-less DC motor for better performance and less friction. It delivers clean air at the rate of 330 m3/h. Xiaomi promises that it can clean 99.7 percent of small PM 2.5 particles in a room.


The purifier also uses an axial flow fan that increases the speed with which the fresh air is delivered. As a result, odours such as those caused by tobacco smoke or formaldehyde dissipate quickly.

The air purifier, which is WiFi linked, has different modes that can be changed through an app for the device from your phone, tablet or desktop. It can also detect your presence and can switch off when you leave the house. It also learns your sleeping patterns and changes the modes accordingly.

The device has a very low power consumption of 0.12 W/h and operates very quietly at 30 dB in the sleep mode.

In China, the price of the Mi Air Purifier is RMB 699 or ₹7,000. Given the abysmal air quality in many Indian cities, consumers should be interested in buying the product.