14/09/2016 12:18 PM IST | Updated 14/09/2016 3:25 PM IST

This Girl's FB Post On Sexual Assault Inside Her Own PG Shows Why Delhi Is So Unsafe

Guess what the police said?

Amit Dave / Reuters

Be it your PG or apartment or your bungalow, home is what we imagine to be the safest place for us. Turns out, if you are a resident of Delhi, there is literally no safe place for you, not even the place you call home.

Pinjra Tod, a collective effort of students across universities in Delhi to ensure affordable accommodation for women with no gender-discrimination, put up a post on their Facebook page by a woman who recounted her harrowing experience of sexual assault inside her own PG at Lajpat Nagar. As mentioned in the post, the woman was sexually assaulted by a drunk intruder who had his pants down.

As she made her escape from the kitchen where the incident took place, the drunk man followed her to her room and waited outside her door for her to come out. Not only that, the man decided to loiter around in the PG and decided to enter another room.

But that was not the end of this bizarre series of events. The PG owner refused and also dissuaded the women from calling the police. However, the police was eventually contacted but that only made matters worse.

From referring to the offender as a "baccha" who has grown up in front of them and giving irrelevant and unsolicited advice on being the "ladki jaat" who should not get stuck in the matters of "court kacheri" to laughing at the CCTV footage, the policemen did their best to do nothing about it.

Unlike the police, the author of the post, a student of Delhi University's Lady Shri Ram College, is not willing to let this go.

You can read the post here: