15/09/2016 9:00 AM IST | Updated 15/09/2016 2:16 PM IST

iOS 10: A Great Update That Began With A Hiccup

A major update for iPhones and iPads began on a wrong note when some phones were bricked in the first hour.

Tony Avelar/Associated Press

On Tuesday, Apple began to roll out the latest iOS 10 updates for users who had opted to load the beta version of the operating system on their iPhones and iPads. Apple had kept iOS 10 in beta for many months so the updates were welcome. But things got off to a wrong start when many users updating the OS reported that their devices were being bricked or, in other words, becoming inoperable.

The affected users had to connect to iTunes through their PCs to do a manual update. Later, Apple fixed the problem and issued an apology.

"We experienced a brief issue with the software update process, affecting a small number of users during the first hour of availability," the company said in a statement. "The problem was quickly resolved and we apologize to those customers. Anyone who was affected should connect to iTunes to complete the update or contact AppleCare for help."

The update hiccup apart, iOS 10 brings many major modifications to the platform, changing the way Apple users use their phones and tablets. Here are some highlights from the update.

1. Improved notifications

The new notification deck in iOS 10 has interactive notifications. You can see the previews of photos on the screen and even reply to messages without opening the app.


2. Widgets

Now Apple allows widgets on the locked screen, including news feed, weather, and more. Users have to swipe right on the home screen to access widgets. In addition, the company has implemented quick action widget which opens a mini version of the app using 3D touch. For instance, the calculator app will open a small app which lets you do basic calculations.

3. Raise to wake

Many smartphone makers have implemented different methods of activating the phone screen, and Apple has come up with the simplest one. The user just has to lift the resting phone a little, and the phone is activated and notifications displayed.

4. Delete default apps

Before Tuesday's update, Apple didn't allow you to uninstall any app that was installed on the phone when it was shipped. Now users can delete stocks, maps, mail, and more.

5. Goodbye swipe to unlock

Swipe to unlock has been a standard -- one could even say, an iconic -- iPhone feature. For the first time, Apple has decided to let it go. Now you can unlock the phone by just resting your finger on the home button. If you don't like this change, you can revert to the old feature by changing the setting.

6. Keyboard

The company drew a lot of applause when it announced last year that it is opening up access to third party keyboards. This year, Apple has improved its own keyboard, making the keyboard 'predict- based' on context. For instance, if you write, "John's number" the keyboard will show you options for typing out John's number without going into contacts.


The new keyboard also supports typing in multiple languages without having to switch keyboards. Users can select multiple languages from the settings and then let the keyboard do its work. In addition, anyone can send a handwritten message as well.

7. Messaging

This is probably the biggest change in the OS. iMessage has tons of new features, including new emojis and stickers. Message bubbles and the phone screen feature new effects. One of the effects for message bubbles is invisible ink. which lets the message be displayed only when you swipe on the blank bubble.


There is a new feature called 'tap back' as well. If you double click on the message you have received, you can react to it by selecting from a number of symbols such as a thumbs up, heart, question mark, 'haha' and more. This reminds you of WhatsApp and Facebook reactions.


iMessage now also allows integration of apps such as photos. You can think of them as add-ons. There is an option to make payments as well, using Apple Pay.

8. Photos

Camera and photos have been a very important part of the Apple ecosystem. Apple has introduced many changes to its photo apps that should please users. A new feature called memories has been rolled out which is reminiscent of Google Photos' trip feature. It creates auto generated clips from various albums with different themes.

Users can now also search in photos with keywords. Apple will try and identify objects in the photo and show the ones that match closest to the search description.

In another fun feature, users can now hide the people they don't want to see in their photos. They have to go to the people album, tap select and remove the person they don't want to see.

9. Emoji

Apple has put a lot of work into emojis as younger users are using them a lot. The new update has many new emojis.


In another update, called emoji tap, Apple allows you to change words into emojis. If a user selects emojis after typing a sentence, the keyboard shows alternatives for some of the words that can turn into emojis.

10. A better version of Siri

Voice assistance has been a prominent feature in the past couple of iPhone iterations. Apple announced at WWDC (Apple's developer conference) that Siri will be open to developers to integrate into their apps. This will allow actions such as calling a cab and making payments using Siri.

11. Other updates

Apple has included many other new features in the new update. The maps are updated with better interface and direction control. You can even reserve restaurant tables from the map. All your connected devices will have one central location in the home app. Apple music has also been redesigned with a better look and easier navigation.

There are many more things to discover in iOS 10. In the meantime, you can tell us what features you like the most.