14/09/2016 10:54 AM IST | Updated 14/09/2016 10:59 AM IST

Amit Shah's Vamana Jayanti Tweet Upsets Keralites On The Eve Of Onam

#PoMoneShahji, says Twitter.


Bharatiya Janata Party President (BJP) Amit Shah raised a storm in real life as well as on social media platforms when he wished the people of Kerala "Happy Vamana Jayanthi" instead of Onam, which ushers in the weeklong harvest festival to the state today.

Shah's tweet and Facebook post follow a cover story in Kesari, the Malayalam mouthpiece for the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), which claimed that Onam marks the birth of Lord Vishnu's fifth avatar, Vamana, and not the homecoming of the mythological lower-caste King Mahabali, as the legend has it.

Shah's tweet seemed to signal a similar belief.

The News Minute quoted journalist BRP Bhaskar on this piece, who wrote, "Quoting from the Srimad Bhagavatam, one of the 18 Hindu Puranas, the Kesari article asserts that Mahabali was not sent to hell, as stated in the Kerala legends, but was honourably rehabilitated to a place which is the envy of even inmates of heaven." He went on to say, "Virtually throwing out the Puranic description of Mahabali as one who conquered all the worlds and posed a threat to the gods, the writer says his empire was in North India."

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