13/09/2016 12:13 PM IST | Updated 13/09/2016 2:47 PM IST

Hyderabad Techie Allegedly Kills Wife For Leaving The Geyser On For Too Long

Susrutha's relative said her husband and his family used to harass her for dowry.


In a dreadful incident, a woman in Hyderabad was found hanging in her house on Sunday, after she texted her family that she had been beaten up for running the geyser for too long.

According to an NDTV report, 31-year-old Susrutha left a message to her father that she was dragged and physically assaulted by her husband, Mohan Rao, in front of her in-laws and her sons, for leaving the geyser switched on for too long.

Later when she spoke to her parents over the phone, she explained how she had been humiliated.

"He asked her, why did you switch on the geyser...who do you think will pay the bill? She said on the phone that she was pulled out of the bathroom, humiliated and hit in front of her in-laws and children. She was murdered. There are bruises all over her body,'' NDTV quoted her father as saying.

Police arrested Rao and his parents after the deceased's older son said that his father had beaten his mother.

The report also quoted victim's uncle, Madhusudan, saying, "They were harassing her for dowry even after two sons."

Stating that cases had been filed for multiple charges, including assisting suicide, a police officer told NDTV, "The girl's family suspects it is a case of murder. The father Satyanarayana has filed a complaint with us. We have detained the husband and family for further questioning.''

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