12/09/2016 4:05 PM IST | Updated 12/09/2016 4:54 PM IST

Cube26's Messaging App Is A Great Way To Handle Your SMS

Reos messaging organizes your SMS by applying machine learning.

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The days when we used to care about SMS packs are long gone, with most of us now using an army of instant messengers. Yet, SMS still exists and is used for bank OTPs, delivery notifications, spam, promotional offers, and even that occasional text from a business contact or a friend.

If you have looked at your inbox of late, it is a mess. It is hard to manage all those SMSes manually. So, there is Cube26's Reos messaging app to take care of the clutter. No matter what Android phone you are using, it is a very useful app to have in your phone.

Once you have installed the app from the play store, there is virtually no setup involved. When you open the app for the first time, it will show you cards that introduce you to the app. After that, you'll be redirected straight to your new inbox.

This inbox has three folders instead of one. The first one is personal, with SMSes from a human sender. Then, there is the notification folder, which contains messages connected to your orders, deliveries, purchases, bank alerts and more. The third folder contains promotional messages, which for most people is just spam. The promotional folder houses discount coupons, offers, advertisements and similar such messages, stored at one place.

"We have used a great deal of machine learning to make this app. We tested our apps against IBM Watson and Google's AI for identifying the spam messages and we scored 97 percent identification rate which was the highest. We are still working on filtering regional messages which might be spam," said Saurav Kumar, CEO and co-founder of Cube26.


Additionally, the app has something called action cards which are nothing but notifications that have been formatted a bit more conveniently. For instance, if you receive an OTP, the notification will just have the OTP number along with a copy button instead of displaying the whole text. This makes transactions across platforms very convenient.

In another action card, when you book a cab, you can directly see the driver's number in the card along with a call button to contact him.

"In the next iteration of the app we are going to further improve our ability to learn more from user's messages. We will allow you to move messages from one folder to another so the next message from that contact or the company will be identified accordingly," Kumar explained.

Meanwhile, Xiaomi is also handling spam SMS in their own way in the MIUI 8 phones. Some other smartphone manufacturers too have begun including spam identifying features in their latest products.

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