12/09/2016 9:09 AM IST | Updated 12/09/2016 9:52 AM IST

Samsung To Deactivate Note7 Remotely As More Incidents Occur Across The World

Today a child got burnt in an accident involving Samsung Galaxy Note7.

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Samsung Galaxy Note7

A few days ago, Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note7 globally due to the issues in battery leading to some horrific incidents of explosions.

Despite that, a lot of users haven't returned their devices to the company. So, Samsung has decided to deactivate Note7 devices remotely to make the device useless and force the customers to return it.

According to Android Authority, one of the french Redditors said that the company mentioned in a call that it will be taking the matter in its own hand. Because even after issuing the request for return several times, a lot of customers have been using the Note7 till date. Samsung plans to remotely deactivate unreturned devices by 30 September.

Airlines across the world have banned Samsung Galaxy Note7 due to the safety reasons. India's aviation authority Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) also issued a statement barring Samsung's latest flagship device from the checked-in luggage.

There have been several incidents reported all over the world of the Galaxy Note7 devices exploding. Last week, a jeep caught fire and the owner blamed it on Note7. Today, a six-year-old child burnt himself during the use of Note7. According to NYPost the child was watching videos on the device.

Koh Dong-jin, president of Samsung Electronics' mobile business

"Samsung is committed to producing the highest quality products and we take every incident report from our valued customers very seriously. In response to recently reported cases of the new Galaxy Note7, we conducted a thorough investigation and found a battery cell issue," Samsung said in a statement earlier.

Samsung has tried to recall the device as fast as possible to avoid the brand being tarnished. But since new incidents are emerging every day there might be a possibility that Note7 sales will take a hit after the company resumes it. Additionally. Apple has released their latest pair of iPhones which might affect the competition as well.

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