09/09/2016 7:38 PM IST | Updated 10/09/2016 10:52 AM IST

Urjit Patel Is So Low-Key That A Senior Official Completely Missed Him As He Arrived For A Meeting

VIPs take note

Hindustan Times via Getty Images

Much has been said about the quiet style of the newly-appointed governor of Reserve Bank of India Urjit Patel, especially when compared to his outspoken predecessor Raghuram Rajan.

While Rajan continues to address the crowds even after stepping down, Patel hasn't said anything publicly yet – there haven't been any press meets or town halls following him taking office, according to media reports.

However, on a couple of occasions Patel has dropped some hints about his down-to-earth ways.

According to a Financial Express report, Patel's first official meeting after taking charge as governor didn't go quite as expected. Just before Patel arrived for a meeting with the Niti Aayog vice-chairman Arvind Panagariya earlier this week, a senior government official in charge of receiving him, mistook someone else getting out of a luxury car as Patel and accidentally escorted him instead.

A little later, Patel arrived by himself, and was asked to show his identification by a security guard, which he did without a fuss.

On another occasion, Patel reportedly left instructions for his security to not escort him to meetings and airports, politely declining an outdated security protocol, according to TheEconomic Times.