09/09/2016 12:21 PM IST | Updated 09/09/2016 12:41 PM IST

Man Bites Snake's Head Off In Sleep After It Slithered Into His Mouth

Yes, you read that correctly.

Phil Marden

It isn't your regular man-bites-dog story. A 28-year-old man in Indore allegedly bit a snake's head off in his sleep, and kept on sleeping, until his mother woke him up to point to the wriggling body on the floor.

The snake had apparently slithered into his mouth as he slept, according to a report in the Times of India.

Feel like crawling out of your skin yet?

Vinod Raghuvanshi must really love sleeping. Because, according to the report, he only woke up when his mother raised an alarm seeing the blood on his mouth and the body of the snake on the floor.

He was rushed to the hospital and injected with anti-venom and is reported to be fine. The same cannot, unfortunately, be said of the poor snake.