08/09/2016 3:49 PM IST | Updated 09/09/2016 4:35 PM IST

This Hilarious Video Accurately Explains The Horror Of Losing Wifi Connection

No Internet = zombie mode.

Dice Media/ YouTube

The Internet rules our lives. Its use isn't just limited to browsing and chatting; in today's world, we use the Internet to book tickets, take examinations, shop online, illegally download movies, transfer funds, search for jobs, and even find a partner for marriage.

But then, there are times when our online life crumbles in front of our very eyes. You could be uploading a video or an attachment or bingeing on your favourite series, and then your wifi dies. Scary, right?

On Tuesday, Dice Media, a YouTube channel enacted the apocalypse that having no Internet connection is.

Here's the video and possibly the shortest horror movie ever made.

Brb, chills are coming.

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