07/09/2016 3:49 PM IST | Updated 07/09/2016 4:43 PM IST

Doctor Insta's Health ATMs Will Give You Remote Checkups Anywhere

The medical startup plans to build Internet connected booths where users can get diagnosed in minutes.


Consulting doctors while sitting in the comfort of your own home is a service that medical tech startups have been providing for some time now. Doctor Insta is one among the startups providing remote consultation services. Now, they are bringing in two new innovations which will be a first for India.

One of them is called Health ATM and it, essentially, comprises a mini laboratory in itself. These ATMs are big kiosks that will be placed in malls or corporate parks. The customer can walk in and get a basic check-up done, such as getting one's blood pressure, sugar levels, heart rate and more checked.

"We are targeting big offices and corporate parks initially at the time of the launch. Our engineering team is working with several medical companies to make the ATM Internet connected. With the help of IoT we would be able to provide fast and connected solutions to customers," Amit Munjal, CEO and Co-founder of the startup, told HuffPost.

"We would be providing 9 tests for diagnosis in the ATMs through various devices which are all connected to the Internet" Munjal said. "After the tests, the patient will get an email instantly with a complete report. These ATMs would also have our application installed so that remote consultation is also possible."

Health ATMs will email the full report in the PDF format to patients with colour coded results

indicating the seriousness of the problem. Doctor Insta is aiming to begin operating the health ATMs in three to four months, with the first machine being installed in Gurgaon.

The company has finalized the concept design of the health ATM but details need to be worked out.

Doctor Insta

The other new product Doctor Insta is bringing to the market is Insta Wall. Not as advanced as Health ATM, it will be more accessible though. Insta Wall will be using Android tablets for remote consultation sessions with the experts at Doctor Insta.

The start-up plans to cater to rural areas as well, where they have appointed doctors or partners who will have the tablets with the application installed. Patients will be able to visit the doctors and get a basic consultation. In the villages, the consultation fee has been fixed at ₹100-150 and for cities where the consultation will be done by specialist doctors with M.D. degrees, the fee has been fixed at ₹400-500.

Doctor Insta

"We will go live with Health Walls within next 30-45 days," Munjal said, while outlining his plans for the program.

Doctor Insta also offers telephonic services in the areas of Psychology, General Medicine, Diet & Nutrition, and Paediatrics so that those without Internet connectivity also have access to proper consultation.